Rules for Living

Everyone has their own personal rules for living, whether they are conscious of them or not is another matter. I’m not trying to be self-righteous here, nor am I saying that the following should apply to you, but in the words of Helen Shapiro ‘It’s my party…’

Some of the more difficult times in my life have involved huge amounts of personal examination, both in terms of the way I feel about and react to myself and others, and also the way in which I live. While I strongly believe that expecting nothing means never being disappointed (raising two children has definitely served to reinforce this notion), when it comes to me – I like to have a little more to go by.

Pay it forward

Be the first to offer the help, do the favour or just make someone smile – for no other reason than because you can.

Smile first – especially at children

It’s true what they say, smiling is contagious. It’s sad to see the surprise on a strangers face when you offer a smile or a hello. Children judge the world based on their own experiences, they have no agenda.

Never hurt others intentionally

We all get it wrong sometimes, but don’t do it on purpose.

Being a part of your life is not a right

Blood and history don’t come with an obligation to put up with whatever is thrown at you. While it’s important to try your best to resolve issues – the most important people in your life are the one’s you choose to have there.

Work hard

Fate will always play it’s part, but if you don’t give it your all, how can you expect others to do the same?

Do what makes you happy

We all have bills to be paid and responsibilities to be met, and while it may not always be easy, decide what you want and find a way to make it happen.

Address your fears

Whether its heights, spiders or a room full of strangers, if it stops you being who and doing what you’d like, then try to overcome it. If it doesn’t work – find another way around, there’s always more than one road available to you.

Look after yourself

Body and mind are who we are, for whatever time we have on this mortal coil. While I’m not saying spend your entire life doing yoga and eating lentils, take care of yourself and exercise sometimes. You’ll be glad you did.

Stop from time to time

Life is always go, go, go. It’s ok to take a moment and a few breaths, to look at what’s around you and how you feel about it. Lay on the sofa, watch a movie… and don’t forget to eat chocolate.

No regrets

Good old hindsight can’t fix anything. When you make a decision, you do it for whatever reason makes the most sense at the given time. Sometimes you’ll wish you’d done it differently and sometimes you won’t – either way, this life is yours and no one else’s.

So live it… and make sure you have a good time in the process

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