So this is me…

If I’m going to make a record of my adventures, I guess I should start from the beginning…

British by birth but with ancestors from all over, I entered the world kicking and screaming in our little bungalow in Pevensey Bay, East Sussex on 3 February 1979. Spending the first few years of my life on the South Coast I enjoyed the usual things that small people get up to… taking myself off to the bus stop aged three, eating fried eggs made of play-doh, wading in the mud flats of the local beach, inviting my playschool friends to ‘luncheon’ (seriously) and generally being a little bugger.

My younger brother (and partner in crime) arrived in August of 1982 and the family was complete for a while. I won’t bore you with all the gory details, it’s all a bit of a cliché from there and not what this blog is about, but suffice to say the home was broken and life was generally challenging until the age of seventeen – when I met my future husband and shortly after left the family home.

The one thing I am glad about, is that my childhood taught me that failure is not an option (something I have a bit of an issue trying to be reasonable about), that I would always be able to take care of myself and that if you want something you have to go out and get it. As a result I am fiercely independent (often to a fault) and hopeless at asking for help. I am determined that my children will grow up to be happy, confident and secure… and proud of their bonkers mother.

As a teenager I took every opportunity to be out. Challenging my liver frequently, dancing until I couldn’t stay awake, dying my hair blue and getting my first (of amazingly only two) tattoos at an age when it definitely wasn’t legal. Luckily I had a group of very good friends to look after me who I sadly don’t see as much as I would like, but who are still there in one form or another.

Life finally started to settle down when I met Adrian, the man who works tirelessly for us and keeps my feet (mostly) on the ground. Together we have two children, Charlie and Amelia who keep us busier than an entire hive of bees; as do our menagerie of animals which drive us nuts (especially our book-eating rabbit), but make our house a home. Without him my adventures would be impossible and I am eternally grateful, that he understands and supports my need to go off exploring from time to time – without which it is fair to say that I would be even more of a nightmare to live with!

Sport and exercise have always been a major part of who I am, competing in everything possible during school, gaining a BSc (Hons) from the University of Brighton in Exercise Science and for a short-term working as a fitness instructor at a local health club. Now I’m (ahem) a grown-up, physical activity is my personal passion once again. I love to run, box, work out in the gym and most recently have got into cycling… you’ll hear more about that soon.

In terms of creative hobbies I’m one of those irritating people who can turn my hand to most things, from upholstery to fencing (garden not sword fighting… yet), DIY to cake making – my chocolate fudge concoctions are  a particular favourite with my army of willing guinea pigs. It’s fair to say though, that I do take on too  much at times and have been known to be up baking at 2am, which is when food is most definitely not good for the soul.

Professionally I work for a local telecoms provider in a number of roles, one of my favourites of which is Charity Events Co-Ordinator and allows me to get involved with a number of good causes, helping to raise money and take on various adventures in the process.

If there’s a challenge I’ll be there and I’m always looking for something new to take on. For ages I’ve been encouraged to create a blog and have finally decided that it’s time to get on with it. Writing is one of my favourite things, which I hope will one day, be something I can really make a more substantial part of my life.

For now this will be my place to plan, share and record my adventures (some of which will be historical at first) and hopefully contribute something interesting, honest and entertaining to the global community.

I hope you enjoy it. Please share and follow if you do.


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